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The Shit people say to Natives:…

(preview screen might not work :P u might have to click link)
This made me laugh, I have been said or asked almost all of these
XD yes my Real Name is Daya Horsechief
I am full native, I am Jemez, Pawnee, Osage, Blackfoot. Not 1/16 Cherokee or Navajo XD

I have a story about a little girl that thought natives don't exist
About a boy who got mad at my sister for not wearing a headdress and the "cultural clothes" she was suppose to wear for being Native.
XD people today
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:iconawedanceplz:I did:iconawedance2plz:
lol, so I AM SUPOSE TO BE DOING HOMEWORK AND STAYING OFF DEVIANTART DURING WEEK DAYS BUT... I'm going to be playing, and I might reply even slower than usual, I still have to read/comment on my friends artworks. I'll soon get to that when I can :D.
I am very active on Tumblr:
I haven't posted much, but please enjoy! :dummy:

I like how I'm going to play Amnesia, a horror game, At night. :iconatnightplz:
p.s. I saw pewds play this, been meaning to get it, and I have... but now I don't all that much like pewdie anymore.
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Daya Horsechief
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Yes I am American Indian (Native American)
I am from New Mexico, I am Jemez Pueblo,(New Mexico) Pawnee, Osage, and Blackfoot(Oklahoma).
Horsechief is indeed my last name.

.Hello all, :wave:
Just some stuff about me if you wanna read about me :)
:icondaspaceplz:I am an Artist in training with the many ways of art.
I am a huge fan of the Sonic the hedgehog series. I read the comic(s), play the game(s) and do lots of research about him and the team. I practice drawing him, and studying his personality and techniques so one day I could be on Sega, Sonicteam. It had been my dream for 11 years now and I hope to some day be a game designer for him and Sega.
I am currently designing characters for my original game ideas.
You can find them here:…
also daily life stuff and sketches uploaded here:
(all art from all accounts are added here)


Is made for fan art. I upload my fan art to here which means Sonic of course, but
I also Have Anime, Games, Comics, Manga, Cartoons and more :D

I am Currently taking Computer Applications, and Desktop Designing for 9th grade this year hoping to learn new things to help me with Video Game Designing

My Personality:
I am really nice :), why not comment and have a nice chat with me? I love to talk to you guys hahaha :D. If you are going through a tuff time, or Depression I will always be here and do what I can to help. I know how it is and I also go through it , but that can't always get in our way, We as human beings have the power to be sad or happy. We only have an amount of time to live, lets not waist it by being sad, and try to make it a happy day everyday, be positive and look on the brighter side :). We made it this far, Lets make a new record:w00t:. Anyway, haha sorry got caught up in then moment, I am an Aquarius. I like to be alone sometimes, I don't always want someone with me or near me, I prefer to be alone, and I am fine with that :). I don't mind not having any friends. What I think is: It's not always bad being alone. I made it this far with no one. School isn't about friends, It's about the school work and learning. "friends" will only get in the way of your work. "Great friends" Will stay and help you every step of the way making it not so hard.

OOH! I almost forgot, I AM IN LOVE WITH THE INTERNET:iconheplz:
we shall have many babiez :XD: NO!
haha, okay well this is half true, I am Addicted to the internet.
I am always on DA and if im not, I am doing homework Watching Anime, Or playing a game, (probably Nier [series] its an amazing game bro, GO PLAY IT NOW... plz XD)

thank you for reading :wave:
it means alot :hug:

If you wanna know more, here is a link ;p: [soon to be added ^^;]

My amazing Friends on DA (no order):
They are nice and amazing and i'm glad I met them :hug:

:iconlailathehedgehog36: My pizza lover cousin and best friend
(Point Com) Floating Ring by Lailathehedgehog36-HAPPY B-DAY DAYA!- by Lailathehedgehog36+15 animated float 1+ by Lailathehedgehog36
radical artwork made by: Lailathehedgehog36


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One color as the ink, and another for the background if Wanted (your 2 choices of colors)

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Rouge the bat by SonicsRings
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Im at the breaking point by SonicsRings
Sonic the Werehog by SonicsRings

Complete Digital Drawing that is shaded

Can be with a background or no background,

The background will be simple, but If wanted i will draw the background you requested



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